Fun and Festive Christmas Party Ideas at Home

Christmas has a look that’s both unmistakable and irresistible. When those familiar scarlet reds and holly greens start sparkling in stores and on our screens, our eyes can’t help but widen in anticipation of the very unique joy that’s making its way toward us.  

It’s a magical time of the year, and the more we embrace it, the warmer its influence on us and those we share it with. 

There are many creative ways to bring the Christmas spirit into our homes. Help yourself to the fun and festive at-home Christmas party ideas we’ve included below, then let your imagination run as wild as reindeer dashing through the snow… 

Get creative with your table theme

The festive period means group meals - and plenty of them - so your dining table and what you put on it will play a vital role in setting the tone for those celebrations, as well as inspiring your other Christmas decorations. 

In terms of the presentation of all your delicious dishes, a sure-fire way to turn up the Christmas at your home is with themed dinnerware from Royal Doulton. Which of the following options would work best at your place?

A white winterful Christmas table

Would you like to create a winter wonderland tablescape that puts your Christmas cuisine on a spotlit stage? Then serve everything up on Royal Doulton’s collection of modern white dinnerware

A joyful Christmas table

Add bright splashes of personality to your mealtime get-togethers with Royal Doulton’s contemporary range of mix & match dinner sets. Perfect as a casual dinnerware setting, this collection of complementary designs and colors can be easily combined to create your own personalized interpretation of a joyous Christmas tablescape.

A festive table

Put the Christmas spirit front and center with Royal Doulton’s ever-popular Christmas dinnerware range. These dinnerware choices are ideal for Christmastime devotees and their families who wholeheartedly embrace the timeless traditions and values of this most favorite of festive seasons.

Serve food in style

Christmas celebrations are a chance for us to show gratitude for the family and friends in our lives in ways we don’t during the rest of the year. So whether your house-style of celebrating is high on tradition, convention and detail, or you prefer to do things in a more relaxed manner, take the time to present your foods and drinks in ways that reflect the importance you place on everyone being together at this most special of times.

For a casual Christmas party

Buffets are the perfect option for larger invited groups who may be coming and going between more than one celebration. They serve as a mouthwatering, help-yourself collection of tastes, textures and temperatures. And they cultivate a fluid and natural flow between food, drinks, people and conversation. Tried and tested menu options ideal for a casual Christmas party include:

  • Maple glazed ham 
  • Baked potatoes 
  • Mac & cheese 
  • Trifle dessert 

If you and those you’ll be spending time with prefer the casual nature of buffet-style meals, remember that all your delicious menu items still deserve to be staged on beautiful serveware - such as Royal Doulton’s platters and trays


For a more formal Christmas party

If you intend to host a more structured and traditional lunch or dinner with multiple courses, your culinary efforts deserve to be staged on dinnerware your guests will enjoy almost as much as the deliciousness assembled on them.

If you’re not entirely confident your current dinnerware will set the tone you’re going for, or if you don’t have enough to cater for the number of guests you’re inviting, consider the options available with Royal Doulton’s 12-piece dinner sets and 16-piece dinner sets

Let the games begin

“Eat, drink and be merry.” We’ve covered the first two, so now onto the merry-making.

Entertain your party guests with fun Christmas party activities that will get everybody excited. And while a little bit of healthy competition can get everyone laughing, there are plenty of enjoyable activities you can do as a group that will ensure everyone’s the winner.

Christmas caroling

You could arrange to carol the homes in your suburb, or just stay inside and sing carols together. It will help enormously if you provide everyone with lyrics sheets, and if someone among you can accompany you by playing an instrument, even better. 

Movie night

Host a festival of favorite festive films at your place with themed snacks, movie posters, snuggly blankets and plenty of comfy seating. Put a dining intermission between a double-feature to keep plates and glasses well-filled.

Christmas tree decorating

Get your guests to help bring your Christmas tree to glittering, festive life. Ask everyone to bring an ornament with them, or you provide craft materials so everyone can pitch in and make decorations from scratch, signing and dating them, so they become treasured memories and keepsakes of your time together. 

Alternatively, embrace fun activities whilst being sustainable by creating Christmas decorations from the Royal Doulton’s packaging. You could even turn this into a competition and award a loved one with prizes for creating the ‘most creative Christmas decoration’ sourced from Royal Doulton’s affordable gift collection?

Time to put your feet up

For all the wonderful times and occasions it provides, the holidays can also be a lot of hard work. So take the time to sit back and relax with a delicious hot chocolate once the party comes to an end and your guests have all gone home. 

Sip from our stylish porcelain mugs, or one of our ceramic mugs (that feature or a bright pop of color if that’s more your style. Either way, enjoy some well-deserved downtime with Royal Doulton.

Explore our full Christmas collection for a merry Royal Doulton Christmas