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Four colorful cereal bowls filled with various fruits and breakfast cereals

Cereal Bowls & Soup Bowls

Royal Doulton’s cereal bowls and soup bowls are equally suited to daily breakfasts and heartening winter dinners. With a variety of shapes and materials including ceramic cereal bowls and stoneware soup bowls, you're sure to find the perfect accompaniment to your tableware collection in our range.

If you're looking to gather the family around the table, make mealtimes extra special by serving up bread and sides on our range of contemporary salad plates, serving platters and trays

Royal Doulton's elegant range of porcelain bowls and bowl sets also make a perfect gift for celebrating a milestone - whether it be a new home, engagement, or anniversary. And if you'd rather create a personalized set of your own - you can mix and match from a range of small bowls, large bowls, and ceramic options.

Whether you are looking for simplistic designs or vibrant colors, our cereal bowls and soup bowls are sure to be the perfect accompaniment to your dinnerware collection.

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