Decorating Your Christmas Tree with Royal Doulton

If you’re desperate for Christmas decorations inspo, we’ve put together some ideas to make your tree as unique and perfectly imperfect as you.

Is there anything that gets you more in the Christmas spirit than decorating your Christmas tree? Whether you’re Christmas-crazy and will be putting your tree up well before 1st December or you’re more of a last-minute Christmas Eve tree assembler – there’s nothing more special than adding festive cheer to your home!


If you’re desperate for Christmas decorations inspo, we’ve put together some ideas to make your tree as unique and perfectly imperfect as you.


Get Creative With Christmas Ornaments

 Although there’s nothing wrong with traditional Christmas decorations such as baubles, bells and bows, mixing up your Christmas tree ornaments can give an eclectic and creative look to your tree – which of course is very Royal Doulton.

Investing in high-quality, beautiful ornaments that all the family love is so important as they’ll hold special memories and be looked after for years to come, plus it’s far better for the Earth and Mother Nature.


If you’ve been wondering where to buy Christmas decorations online, then look no further! An online exclusive to our website only, create festive feels with a Royal Doulton retro twist!


All part of the Nostalgic collection – fly back in time with an Aeroplane Christmas Tree Ornament, get memories swirling with the brightly decorated Spinning Top Christmas Tree Ornament or find a special place for this super cute Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornament.

Color Scheme Inspiration

 Before you start decorating your Christmas tree and other parts of your home, think about the kind of colors you want to use. You could match your tree to the theme of the room it’ll be living in or create a striking contrast to really make a statement. 

 Here are some ideas for Christmas color combos:


  • Classic – red, green and white, the go-to colors of Christmas
  • Natural – brown craft and recycled paper for a sustainable feel
  • Monochrome – stylish black and white, for a cool designer look
  • Bold – pops of bright colors such as red, orange and pink
  • Pacific – splashes of blue or green inspired by our Pacific collection
  • Royal – red, white and blue, based on the Union Jack colors
  • Metallics – gold, silver and bronze, for a bit of bling
  • Minimalist – pick one color and run with it

Christmas Decorations You Can Make At Home

When it comes to what you can use to decorate your Christmas tree, the options are endless – let your imagine run wild and get creative! Don’t be scared – experiment and see what works for you and your living space.

Want to know how to make Christmas decorations at home? Why not try cutting out shapes from the packaging of your recent Royal Doulton Dinnerware purchase, or make some super cute Christmas cookies like the ones featured here by the talented Liza Rooprai. Don’t forget to make a little hole in each one before baking so there’s room for you to add a ribbon for hanging.


Edible Christmas decorations are fun to make and it means you can easily change the design depending on trends every year without worrying!

If you’re short on time, you could decorate your tree with ready-made sweet treats instead. Get all the family involved by attaching sticky tape or string to their favorite Christmas chocolates and spend some quality time together choosing which branches to hang them from.


Flowers are another creative way to decorate your tree, bringing a touch of natural beauty to any Christmas celebration. Popular flowers around Christmas time include Mexican Poinsettias, Chrysanthemums, Orchids, Cyclamens, Rosemary, Amaryllis, Mistletoe, Paperwhites and Christmas Roses… or why not venture in to your garden and pick some ivy and berries to add pops of color to your home. (Always make sure to check whatever you’re using is safe for children and pets to be around.)

Every year we create a new beautiful selection of limited edition Christmas figurines that are on everyone’s Santa list, and this year is no different! Shop 2020 figurines for that special someone to put a smile on their face and a sparkle in their eye this holiday season. Choose from:


Celebrate Christmas With Royal Doulton

However you like to decorate your Christmas tree, there’s every reason to celebrate that little bit more this year. Our gorgeous range of porcelain ornaments and hand-crafted fine bone china figurines will really bring your tree to life this Christmas and beyond.


Make this year’s Christmas dinner one to remember with our selection of ceramic Christmas dinnerware and Christmas serveware too! Create that perfect Christmas feeling with our festive range of side plates, bowls, mugs and serving dishes. You can also mix and match our collections to create your own unique Christmas tableware set.

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 Christmas Made Of That Feeling Of Being Home…
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!