Christmas breakfast ideas to fuel your day

The most personal and authentic of all Christmas celebrations happen first thing on the 25th. At home. Unwrapping presents. While still in pajamas.

It’s an intimate and special time shared with the people closest to you, and it deserves a breakfast to match. Nothing formal or choreographed like the lunch or dinner you’ll share with your wider circle later; just a thoughtful spread of delicious dishes served with love, care and a cozy sense of occasion.

Is this the year you take your Christmas mornings to new heights? Wonderful! To help, we asked our team to share their best Christmas breakfast and brunch ideas, which we’ve compiled for you below. After all, ‘tis the season for giving.

Setting the Christmas breakfast table so it’s a joy not a chore

Choose one of these low-fuss, quick & easy ways for your family to enjoy even more of the deliciousness that comes from your kitchen this Christmas morning. Then wrap it up in perfectly imperfect dinnerware from Royal Doulton.

Breakfast buffet

If there’s one meal on the calendar that invites us to pile high our plates, it’s Christmas breakfast. From trays of oven-warm croissants, muffins and breakfast pizzas, to platters of crispy bacon, french toast and pancakes, the buffet is the ideal format for a relaxed but mouth-watering start to Christmas. And Royal Doulton’s platters and trays are the perfect way to elevate buffet-style dishes to reflect the occasion.

A laid-back Christmas breakfast setting

The preparation and planning of Christmas get-togethers can be overwhelming, so embrace the slower, more mindful pace that breakfast offers with a tightly focused combination of foods and refreshments, framed with dinnerware that lifts the tone beyond the everyday. 

Our Signature 1815 dinnerware collection, for example, can instantly transform a simple spread of croissants, jam, juice and coffee into an inviting contemporary event. The range also demonstrates that you don’t need to use traditional Christmas colors to create nostalgic yuletide memories. In a palette of pinks, corals, greens and blues against a white porcelain base, our Signature 1815 collection is perfect for sharing Christmas moments in a colorway versatile enough for the rest of the year as well. 

On the other hand, if turning up the Christmas spirit is one of the things you and your loved ones are most looking forward to enjoying, then our Urban Dining is the ideal table setting for you.

No matter what you serve on Christmas morning, let your Christmas dinnerware do the talking with Royal Doulton’s beautifully crafted collections.

Traditional and delicious Christmas morning food ideas

One of the loveliest and most reassuring things about Christmas is the opportunity to revisit long-cherished traditions - such as waking up to classic Christmas morning dishes we can pile our plates high with. The much-loved dishes we’ve suggested below can all be prepared quickly and easily and will make an ideal foundation for your menu, and they’ll look even more delicious by presenting them on Royal Doulton serveware.

• Scrambled eggs

So quick and easy to make, but the impression they create is always welcoming and appealing. Versatility in spades too as they combine with and complement most kinds of baked goods.

• Gingerbread pancakes

A themed variation on the classic, spice up these pancakes with ground ginger, cinnamon and cloves, then top with berries and a drizzle of maple syrup. Expect everyone to help themselves to seconds.

• Fruit platter

They say fruit is nature's candy and we wholeheartedly agree. So add a clean, crisp and zesty balance to your more weighty dishes by putting together a platter or serving bowl of the freshest fruits of the season you can get your hands on.

• Eggs benedict with smoked salmon

Wonderfully balanced, a little bit fancy and a cinch to whip up. To assemble, place the sliced smoked salmon on individual English muffins, top with sliced avocado and poached egg, drizzling over a mild hollandaise sauce of egg yolks, lemon juice, butter, salt and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Top with chives.

Serve hot chocolate with a Royal Doulton twist

Unwrapping presents feels much more fun when you have a piping hot cocoa to warm your hands and tummy with. Embrace the specialness of the occasion with a hot chocolate recipe with a Royal Doulton twist, and serve up that heavenly sweetness to your entire household in festive mugs or cups from Royal Doulton to set the tone for a cozy Christmas morning.

Explore our full Christmas collection for a merry Royal Doulton Christmas