Secret Santa Gift Guide for 2023

When there’s a long list of family and friends to shop for and only a finite amount of time to do it, Secret Santa is a fun way to give and receive gifts that are designed to last. 

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one, a pal from your friendship circle, or someone you work with (or maybe even all three), below we’ve curated a short guide to kick start your 2023 Secret Santa gift-buying journey. The earlier you start, the sooner you can start ticking off your list.

What is a Secret Santa gift?

Secret Santa gifts are the most wonderful double-edged sword. On the one hand, there’s the fun of being assigned a sole person in your family, friend, work or school group to anonymously buy a Christmas gift for. That’s then reciprocated with the anticipation and thrill of eventually unwrapping an unpredictable gift bought specially for you, courtesy of one individual from the same group but whose identity is a secret (to you at least).

With Secret Santa, everyone receives one gift, so everyone’s spending power goes much further. There’s usually a maximum amount that can be spent, so there’s consistency and equity. And gifts are often based on a personal insight about each receiver chosen at the discretion of their assigned giver. Accompanied by celebratory foods and drinks, the unwrapping of Secret Santa presents is done as a group activity that reveals who’s received what, but not from whom. Hilarity often ensues.

Secret Santa gift ideas: For the family

Is the relative you’re buying for known for bringing family members together over scrumptious lunches and delicious dinners? Here’s your chance to make their generous table settings look even more inviting by gifting them with modern glazed pieces from the Royal Doulton Bowls of Plenty collection

Or if you’re shopping for a family member whose favourite me-time indulgence is sitting down with a hot beverage while reading the morning newspaper, elevate their ritual with a stylish new coffee mug, cup & saucer, French press or tray from Royal Doulton’s Coffee Studio range.

Secret Santa gift ideas: For friends

It’s said, “Friends are the family we choose,” and this is your opportunity to make a symbolic gesture that shows how grateful you are to have them in your life. 

So if you’re looking for a beautiful Secret Santa gift for a friend living the city life, consider an urban-themed piece from the Pacific collection from Royal Doulton.

For more ideas and inspiration on celebrating Christmas with friends, take a look at our latest article on Friendsmas.

Secret Santa gift ideas: For colleagues

It doesn’t seem to matter whether you work with them daily and know them well or have never shared a single 1-on-1 conversation. For all its potential for fun, choosing an appropriate Secret Santa gift for a colleague can sometimes be difficult to the point of stress-inducing. 

Thankfully, adhering to a specific budget provides excellent clarity and handy boundaries to work within. Take a look at Royal Doulton’s gift recommendations at various price points, including under £30 as well as under £50. Each grouping is filled with excellent options that any of your colleagues would be delighted to unwrap and proudly show at home.

Choosing a gift for yourself

‘Tis better to give than to receive, but that doesn’t mean you need to forget about yourself entirely. Help your friends and family gift you a special something you’ll love to find under the tree this December from Royal Doulton. 

Whether you’re a coffee lover, an aspiring chef, the host with the most or the entertainer, our selection of present recommendations are ideal for including on your own Secret Santa list.

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