Celebrating 10 years of 1815: Discover the Inspiration and Craftsmanship

Here we speak with Royal Doulton Design Director Dik Delaney who talks to us about the craftsmanship journey and what makes Royal Doulton’s 1815 collection so unique.
Join us as we celebrate 10 joyful years of the 1815 collection! Enjoy the inspired craftsmanship of this authentic collection... and for this iconic milestone, let’s make the little things the big things.

At Royal Doulton we savour the moment and celebrate the joy of the everyday. Whether it’s a quiet moment for one with a cup of coffee, or a big and bright dinner party with friends and family, we encourage a slower pace to embrace every part of daily life.

Celebrating the little things, and taking the time to connect and understand, is something we consider from the very beginning of our craftsmanship journey. Before a Royal Doulton piece settles in your home, it takes a journey of its very own, with time carefully spent to ensure its as unique as you are.

Talk us through the craft process for the 1815 collection
1815 was a new direction for the brand. The collection was developed in response to user experience and the change of eating habits. For example, tapas bowls and serving dishes felt more relevant, as a response to new and different experiences in the home. Casual dining became more of a focus than ever before.

In order to begin developing 1815, the design team drew huge inspiration from Royal Doulton’s heritage. We took a journey back in time, exploring Royal Doulton archive pieces and paying particular attention to a Doulton Lambeth brown and black salt-glazed jug.

Bearing in mind this journey back to Royal Doulton’s heritage pieces, what is it that you think makes 1815 so individual and unique?  
The Doulton Lambeth salt-glazed jug that we drew inspiration from seems so simple on first glance, but it holds elements of such inspiring craftsmanship. It’s these characteristics that have become the foundation for Royal Doulton’s successful 1815 collection.

For example, if you take a look at how this salt-glazed jug was made and the hand-crafted elements, you’ll begin to understand what informed our design process for 1815.

  1. It was hand-thrown
  2. It included mark-making techniques
  3. It featured extruded handles and free-form elements
  4. It included an impressed back-stamp
  5. And the glazing – half-dipped, with a two colour glaze

As part of our design journey we took these characteristics and had a potter throw some pieces, with the above elements in mind.

How do these elements from the design journey now impact the 1815 Collection and the craftsmanship surrounding it?
It impacts in a number of ways.

The glaze:
Every piece from the 1815 collection is hand-dipped, which gives a sense of uniqueness.

The hand-impress:
Every item in the 1815 collection includes a hand-impress, this element of variation gives a sense of authenticity and individuality. The hand-impress is separate from the mould, and can be different on every single piece.

This authenticity and individuality is also at play in other areas of the design. For example, if you look closely, the plates are not perfectly round or perfectly flat. They celebrate the material, letting it perform how it should, to create pieces that are perfectly imperfect. We didn’t shy away from pieces moving in the kiln, or one piece being more glazed than the other – 1815 is a true celebration of craftsmanship, authenticity and individuality.

These pieces are built to last with high-performance glazes.

The 1815 collection is a true celebration of craftsmanship and Royal Doulton’s roots, but what else makes this collection so inspiring?
The 1815 collection embraces individuality and authenticity all the way through its journey. For example, the collection allows for mix and matching of colours (the colours that make up 1815 include brights, bolds and pastels), further reinforcing a feeling of creativity and uniqueness.
The colour palette began with white, green and blue shades, developing further into other colours and shades to help you express yourself to the fullest.