Setting the Table for Christmas, with Royal Doulton

The Christmas dinner table is the hub of holiday activity. From indulgent breakfasts to Christmas dinner,
let us inspire you when setting the table for Christmas.

The festive season is filled with so many opportunities to spruce up and decorate! From dressing the perfect Christmas tree, to finding the most wonderful wreath to hang on your door. But amongst all the carefully crafted décor, it’s important to not overlook the most important part of it all – the Christmas table. 

The Christmas dinner table is the hub of holiday activity. From sharing stories around a Christmas Eve dinner, to waking up and enjoying an indulgent breakfast on Christmas morning, let us inspire you when setting the table for Christmas. Here we explore Christmas table setting ideas for all of the important foodie moments.

A Laid-back Christmas Breakfast Setting

Christmas mealtimes can sometimes feel like an overwhelming affair. At Royal Doulton we truly believe in slowing down and simplifying. How about embracing this Christmas table idea to start the day? Let the tableware do the talking… even the most laid-back breakfast of croissants, jam and coffee looks sophisticated on a bed of Signature 1815

Christmas table sets don’t need to include the traditional colours of red and green to work. Use your best tableware set, whatever the colour scheme, and add the warm glow of lights, or a seasonal plant as a centrepiece to convey a fun and festive vibe.


The Main Event: Setting the Table for Christmas Dinner

Setting the perfect table for Christmas dinner is all in the details, from the place cards, to the centrepiece. How about setting the table a little differently this year, and get ready to welcome your guests with an extra helping of love and care.

Perhaps switch the traditional place cards for something unconventional – try baking their initials with breadsticks instead. Your guests will truly appreciate the thoughtfulness, and best of all, it means less waste after!

If you’re a fan of crafting as well as cooking, you could always opt to create personalised napkins with your guests initials sewn in. What a wonderful keepsake for your guests to leave with, or a delightful tradition for family members to unbox for years to come. 

Not sure what to create for the centrepiece? Tapered candles are easy to get hold of and instantly add a feeling of opulence to any Christmas dinner table. Want to bring the outdoors in? Simply choose a vase or jug and create a floral centrepiece reminiscent of the festive season. Poinsettias, foliage like pine cones or berries, sprigs of holly – these all easily add a little dash of magic and festivity. Our Olio jug doubles up wonderfully as a vase, adding an extra element of modern charm to any table.

Of course, while a wonderful Christmas table setting is all in the details… choosing a colour theme for your tableware is one of the simplest ways to dress a table. For a cool and calm Christmas mix and match use our Pacific Blue collection, or if you want to embrace the festivities, choose a Christmas themed dinner set like our ED Holiday Collection. Alternatively, keep your plates, bowls and serving platters a blank canvas of Maze White and let your décor and table cloth act as the hero colour.


Christmas Table Ideas for Those In-Between Bits

While there’s a lot of big mealtime moments associated with Christmas, there’s also plenty of lovely, smaller opportunities to connect over food and drink.  For those quieter moments explore a table setting that is casual and minimalist. 

Enjoy a cheeseboard or coffee later in the evening on Christmas? Keep it simple. This Christmas table setting sees no need for placemats, cutlery or festive-coloured plates - use wooden serving platters and colourful foods to place a spotlight on the spread instead. 

The Olio wooden serving board serves up effortless chic for dining moments like this. 

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