Hop into the Story of Bunnykins

Bunnykins has been an iconic collection for Royal Doulton for years, with the original artwork dating back to the 1930s. Since then it has been the go-to gift for births, birthdays, christenings and Christmases around the world. Many adults still have Bunnykins pieces gifted to them in childhood in their home, while young children continually delight when a piece is gifted to them brand-new today. The collection remains timeless all thanks to the delightful characters featured.

The fun and friendly characters featured all have names and their own little personalities, so let us introduce you to some of the wonderful bunnies that have hop, skipped and jumped along your dinner table for decades.


Meet Susan – typically found in a spotty dress, she is the big sister to Polly. Responsible and considerate, she delights in making sure that everyone is happy!


Polly is another of the Bunnykins children. She is playful, super friendly and can almost always be found playing with her collection of rabbit dolls. You will find Polly in a cute pink dress.


William is an inventor and a busy-body. If one of the Bunnykins family has lost something, William is likely using it for his latest invention. One of three wearing a red coat, this is how you’ll identify him – running around playing and creating.

Harry & Tom

Harry and Tom are twins, and as you can imagine, they are inseparable! The two are generally well-behaved, but when these two get put together they tend to find themselves getting into mischief. How can you tell the difference? In winter you’ll find Harry wearing a green scarf and Tom wearing a yellow one.

Hop into Bunnykins now...