Birthstone Petites

The Birthstone Petites Collection of figurines from Royal Doulton, designed by renowned artist Neil Faulkner, draws upon the tradition of different birthstones associated with each month of the year. Represented by a gold necklace which holds a genuine, vibrant Swarovski® crystal together with the same color reflected in the feminine floral pattern on her dress, each stone has its own symbolism thought to bring good luck and good health.

Give a sentimental gift which will be cherished for years to come with Royal Doulton Birthstone Petites figurine for that extra special touch.

Our Heritage and New Offering

We are aware of the significance the Royal Doulton figurines hold for our long-standing customers. A key part of our heritage, our popular figurines date all the way back to 1820, in the lifetime of our founder John Doulton.  

Our Pretty Ladies, Toby Jugs and Christmas collectibles became an icon of Royal Doulton, with these carefully hand-painted pieces settling in many homes across the globe. Many of these beautiful pieces still hold an enormous amount of significance to our collectors today, and we are sure this fondness will continue for years to come.  

While we have great respect and much love for our heritage, at Royal Doulton we are a firm believer in innovation and inspiration. And as we continue our journey we are excited to place focus solely on a new chapter, where stories, people and places connect around the dinner table and savouring the moment is at the forefront. Tableware has also been a big part of our history since the 1800s, with china decorated tableware development dating back to 1877. Our aim is to continue this path of innovation and discovery through our continued development of porcelain and stoneware pieces.  

Sadly this means we say goodbye to our beloved Royal Doulton figurines, but hello to an exciting and inspiring offering of tableware. Royal Doulton’s craftsmanship will still warmly feature in homes across the world, gracing dining tables with the same love and care as our collectable figurines once did.