16 piece dinner set layed out on a dining table

5, 12 & 16 Piece Dinner Sets

Impress your guests with Royal Doulton's unique range of place settings. Whether you are entertaining a large group of guests or simply enjoying a quiet lunch with family, our wide selection of 5, 12 and 16 piece dinner sets are sure to create the perfect atmosphere for your next meal. From vibrant colours and textures to simple touches of minimalism, find something to suit any interior décor.

Your Tableware Buying Guide

The bowls, plates, cutlery and accessories you choose as the tableware for your home should strike a balance between style and practicality, meaning they should not only suit the aesthetic of your home, but also the way you like to eat.

So, whether you’re choosing tableware that is made from bone china, porcelain or another material, we’ve put together an easy tableware buying guide so you can decide what you need to have as part of your tableware set collection. We’ve also included tips on how to look after your tableware properly, to ensure you enjoy it for many years to come.