Introducing Urban Dining – Sleek, stackable & sustainable

Introducing the latest collection for Royal Doulton – say hello to Urban Dining – made for modern living. The new collection celebrates simplicity and sustainability, with a range that is compact, stackable and perfect for prepping.

Discover the benefits of Urban Dining and explore how useful can also be made beautiful.

Sleek & stackable

All the pieces in the Urban Dining collection have been designed to stack and save space. The plates and bowls are big enough to hold hearty, joyful-filled servings, but also small enough to stack compactly. Perfect for cosy kitchens and modern homes. Snugly fit them in the dishwasher too, for easy and speedy cleaning.

Prep & store for sustainability

The multi-functional nature of this collection means they are perfect for prepping food, as well as storing for later. The plates cleverly double-up as lids, meaning you can prep your food at home, or save any leftovers from a big meal to enjoy the next day.

Even better… this removes the need for any unnecessary, extra plastic tubs at home. The beauty of Urban Dining is that it can be used over and over – no single-use here. Just sleek, stackable and sustainable.

Eat & enjoy

The collection celebrates the little things, and the joy of simple fixes to make your life run smoother. Place your bread on a plate, that fits perfectly on the bowl holding your soup. Or, sneak a biscuit treat on the lid of your hot drink held in our thermal mugs. Pieces from this collection work together to make things a little simpler and sleeker, leaving you to eat, drink and enjoy.

Discover the Urban Dining collection here.