Introducing 1815 Glass – For Lives Filled with Colour

The 1815 collection at Royal Doulton represents the craftsmanship and creative qualities that have been embedded in our story since the very beginning. Named for the year Royal Doulton was born, 1815 represents the roots and core values of our brand and we embrace any opportunity to slow down and tell the story behind it.

Pieces from the 1815 collection hold a story of authenticity and individuality, with each piece including unique details and artisan qualities. Our latest addition to the 1815 collection is 1815 Glass, designed to blend with your 1815 tableware, with the same principles applying to the craft journey and the quality.

Let us share with you the story behind the unique details featured in this fresh and exciting new range… Introducing 1815 Glass, for lives filled with colour.

Designed to blend in, or stand out

Featuring clear, blue and green options, we created these pieces with the 1815 tableware collections in mind. Match with your current tableware, and tell a story of hand-painted details and hand-poured glazes together on your dinner table. The blue and green glass colours are designed to complement the blues and greens from the 1815 Bright collection.

Featuring artisan quality with hand-painted details

The colour band that features on the blue and green glassware is hand-painted. Each individual piece is hand-painted by our craftspeople with a band of colour, meaning each one is unique. The brush marks give a lovely artisan quality, and with each one individually worked on, the brushstroke may vary giving a delightfully imperfect feel.

Exquisite etching with the 1815 stamp of approval

Each piece from the 1815 collection is stamped with a hand-impress, a much-loved feature that we have retained for the 1815 Glass collection as a beautifully etched mark on each glass.

Simplicity and stackability for modern lives

You’ll discover that the glass is refined for 1815 Glass, giving effortless simplicity and style. Adding to the simplicity, the tumblers are stackable, saving space as well as making things a little easier when setting up or packing away.

Discover the 1815 Glass collection here.