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How to Create Colorful Dinnerware Sets For Summer Days


Summer is the season of spontaneity. It’s a time for spur of the moment outdoor get-togethers and lazy afternoons spent grazing in good company while the sun shines overhead.

Times like these call for color. Like the vibrant picnic rugs and colorful range of freshly bloomed flowers that define the season, your tableware can bring an extra splash of color to the bright and sunny days ahead. Here’s how.

Find your Colors

What is the best color for dinnerware?

It’s a common question with no single answer. All colors bring a unique mood of their own, and summer spreads are the perfect time to sample them all.

Instead of matching tableware, try mixing and matching across the full spectrum of different colors. It’s an opportunity to lay your personality out on the table along with the fresh and light alfresco plates that form the centerpiece of the occasion.

Consider the following colors in the Royal Doulton range for inspiration:

Bright palettes

For colors that catch the sun and bring a cheerful atmosphere to any summer get-together, try mixing pieces from the 1815 range. 1815 Blue is lightly festive and finished with a subtle glaze, while the 1815 Bright range features bold, bright, and fresh colors that make sharing a true joy.

Softer colors

Signature 1815 items are perfect for blending bright colors with a soft and stylish palette of pink, coral, green, and blue set against a timeless, crisp white. These ordinarily reserved colors take on a new life that’s perfectly imperfect for balmy outdoor days.

Neutral tones

Looking to temper bold colors with a more muted palette? Try 1815 White for a smart and simple white finish, and add Maze Light Grey to create an effortlessly casual, classic look.

Two-tone options

Two-tone tableware instantaneously adds visual interest to any spread. Consider mixing some of the striking two-tone pieces from the Olio range, such as Olio Celadon Blue and Olio White.

Use textural contrasts

Create unique sets by mixing and matching different textures and patterns. For example, you might pair the bold look of Royal Doulton’s Pacific Splash Mug with natural textures and neutral colors like those found in the Olio Black range. Alternatively, you might pair the dots and stripes of the Pacific Mint collection with the distinctive Hammer texture of Gordon Ramsey’s Maze grill range, inspired by the patterned metal beakers which adorn his restaurants.

Natural materials, like the Olio Wood Handled Server crafted from quality oak, can add an eclectic touch to your table setting too. Be as creative as you like and experiment with different pieces that offset each other, or maybe even clash, perfectly imperfect side by side.

Embrace the perfectly imperfect

For all our efforts to match the mood and create just the right balance of color, there’s an element of chance and serendipity that goes into making a uniquely colorful dinnerware set.

The bottom line: don’t overthink it. It’s an exercise in individuality, so gravitate toward the colors that speak to you and let it unfold with perfect imperfection - just like the best summer evenings always do.

To begin mixing and matching your own collection,
explore Royal Doulton’s range of colors, textures and patterns here.