Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry


This curry is made for sharing and created with love. The chickpeas and the sweet potato work so well together in this dish, and the tomatoes really bring it all together. This recipe serves five people, so it is the perfect excuse to gather around and share moments and stories from the days and weeks gone by.
Serves: 5
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 35-40 minutes

Olive Oil
2x red onions, sliced
2x tablespoons of curry paste
1x large fresh red chili
1x ginger root (3-4cm)
1x bunch of fresh coriander
2x medium sweet potatoes
1x butternut squash
400g tin of chickpeas
400g tin of chopped tomatoes
400ml tin of coconut milk
400g washed spinach
1x lime

Serving suggestions
This curry is perfect as a standalone dish, or if you want to make a meal of it, serve with a side of fluffy rice. 

1. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a large saute pan over medium heat, add the two sliced red onions and curry paste, and fry them for five minutes or until they start to soften.
2. Chop the red chilli, peel and grate the ginger and add them to the pan.
3. Carefully pick the coriander leaves, put them to one side, take the coriander storks, finely chop them, add them to the pan, and cook for a further minute.
4. Peel and chop the sweet potato and butternut squash into 2cm chunks, then add them to the pan.
5. Tip: Add your peels to a compost bin to make the most of them; they don’t need to go to waste!
6. Drain and wash the 400g tin of chickpeas, then add to the pan and continue to cook for four to six minutes, occasionally stirring to keep everything moving and combined.
7. Add 400g tinned chopped tomatoes to the pan and 100ml of water. Bring the whole mix inside the pan to a boil.
8. Reduce the heat to simmer, cover with the lid and allow it to cook for 15 minutes.
9. Remove the lid and cook for 15 minutes until the sauce has thickened and the sweet potato and butternut squash is tender and cooked through. Use a fork to check if you are unsure. 
10. Stir in 400ml of coconut milk, a generous handful of spinach, and continue to simmer for a further three to four minutes until the spinach leaves begin to wilt.
11. Remove from the heat and dish up your curry. Generously scatter the coriander leaves on top, and serve with rice and a slice of lime for that extra kick.

This is an easy recipe, but it takes a little time and love. So enjoy with friends or family and share moments around the table.